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Weile Enterprises specializes in designing a variety of measurement sensors for data analysis and process control applications. Our various sensors are modularily designed to be easily 'daisy chained' together and to convey the measurement data to our secure server through an onsite wireless control unit. This enables our customers to quickly view the operating status of equipment at their site, as well as to receive email 'alert' messages should a measurement at the site deviate beyond preset values.

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Sensor Control Units:

We manufacture (2) models. An AC mains powered version, or a solar powered version.
Solar powered models are supplied with a 12 foot mast with a 50 Watt panel, with the battery and charge controller housed within the control unit mounted on the mast. All wiring is ran to the control unit through 1/2 inch PVC tubing.

Pressure Sensors:

We manufacture a variety of models each with ranges varying from 0.5 to 500 PSI.
Water tight models have an external temperature sensor for measuring the water temperature on a manifold as well as a water detection sensor for detecting water leak conditions.

Chlorine Sensors:

Ultra accurate to within +/- 10 Part Per Billion.
An ideal early warning system operating on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis.
Display the free standing chlorine level, the lowest value measured throughout the day.
Sensors are easily recalibrated from the website.
A low flow rate of 2 Liters per hour passing over the sensor is required to pass over the sensor.

Automatic Generator Starting Systems (AGS):

A joint venture product developed in conjunction with Suncana Energy
Monitors generator battery and inverter battery levels (for off grid installations).
Activates AC to backup generators battery charging system (and cold weather kit if installed).
Integrated display and rotary selection control allow easy modifications of the devices setup.
Integrated WIFI radio communicates with server for users to view the measurements or for changes to the devices setup to be made.
People receive an email in the event of a fault condition.

Capacitance based measurement sensors:

Accurately measures the moisture content of dry material or fluid volume in a fixed volume containers.


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