No matter how large or small our customers might be, Weile Enterprises will do what it takes to assist our customers towards developing intelligent forward looking projects. Recently, we've 'tweaked' the server scripts towards meeting the valued input requirements of a large Southern Alberta water co-operative. While some of the following pages data has been simulated (where we have the installations is confidential), I assure you that the measured data as depicted on the next few pages are accurate... Our pressure sensors were proven to have been able to detect tap off valves being opened over 22 miles away.

As you go through the following pages, keep in mind that Weile Enterprises always welcomes feedback from our customers.

installation overview

Weile Enterprises expresses our sincere thanks towards Lethbridge's North County Water Co-op's operations manager, Martin Nordstrum's insight and valued feedback has enabled us to develop the customized webpages specially optimized for use by water treatment facilities.

Installation display page

After logging in with site administration privileges , all measurements from each installed site are conveniently displayed on a single page. Each sites data is broken down into three 'fields', with the first field reflecting the following:

  • The site number is automatically generated by the server and indicates the order each system was installed.
  • The SCID reflects the SIM Cards identification number installed in the sensor control unit.
  • The Description, Latitude, and Longitude fields provide are modifiable and reflect the name and coordinates of the site.
  • The Activated date timestamp indicates the last time that the sensor control unit was switched on.
  • The Last Measurement date timestamp indicated the time in which the last measurement from the site was received.

  • The second field reflects the measurements taken by the sensor control unit, and contains two buttons that enable the site administrator to modify various parameters at the site, or to display graphical details of the measurements received. The second fields values individual elements are described as follows:

  • The RSSI reflects the received signal strength as measured by the control unit. Weile Enterprises provides a high gain external antenna for areas where the signal strength is low.
  • The Temperature, Barometric Pressure, and the Relative Humidity are those that are measured directly by the control unit.

  • The third field reflects the measurements as measured by each sensor attached to the control unit. Up to 16 sensors may be attached to a control unit with each one having an address setting enumerated 0 to 15. The sensors measurements are displayed under each sensors address as illustrated in screen shot of a small installations page below:
    installation overview