Site Modification Page

When the Modify Parameters button has been pressed from the installation display page, a page will be displayed that will enable the site administrator to alter certain parameters for the selected installation. An update parameters button is displayed at the end of the page which once pressed will cause the updated parameters to be sent to the control unit located at the site. The page consists of two fields, with the elements of the first field being reflected as follows:

  • The site name (displayed as 'Description' on the installation page) may be modified on this page.
  • The Coordinates reflects the address of the site (this is usually set as the legal land description), note that this value is not displayed on the installations measurement page.
  • The Email address reflects the email that the server will use to send alert messages too (usually set to the email address of the operations manager).
  • The Latitude and Longitude for the site may also be modified on this page.

  • The second field reflects the high and low threshold levels that the control unit will use at the site to determine whether or not it should send an alert frame to the server, that will in turn cause an email message to be sent to the email as described above. Each of the attached sensors threshold levels are displayed and may be modified from this page as illustrated in the screen shot of a two sensor installation below:
    modification image